Fuerte mensaje de Lewis Hamilton contra el racismo en el automovilismo

El piloto aseguró que muchas personas guardan silencio ante las injusticias

Lewis Hamilton- Mercedes (Getty)

El piloto de Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton cuestionó a los involucrados en la Fórmula que no denuncian el racismo y aseguró que guardan silencio en medio las injusticias.

Tras la muerte de George Floyd, un afroamericano que murió a manos de un oficial de polícia, un acto que ha sido repudiado en todo el mundo con multiples manifestaciones y donde Hamilton ha tomado voz en el automovilismo.

El multiple campeón expresó a través de sus redes sociales: “Ni una sola señal de nadie en mi actividad, es un deporte dominado por los blancos. Soy la única persona de color y estoy solo”. y agregó el piloto:“Pensé que a esta altura ya habían visto por qué pasa esto y habrían dicho algo al respecto, pero no pueden apoyarnos. Nos vamos conociendo”.




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I’ve been reading every day to try to stay on top of everything that’s been happening in our fight against racism, and it’s brought back so many painful memories from my childhood. Vivid memories of the challenges I faced when I was a kid, as I’m sure many of you who have experienced racism or some sort of discrimination have faced. I have spoken so little about my personal experiences because I was taught to keep it in, don’t show weakness, kill them with love and beat them on the track. But when it was away from the track, I was bullied, beaten and the only way I could fight this was to learn to defend myself, so I went to karate. The negative psychological effects cannot be measured. This is why I drive the way I do, it is far deeper than just doing a sport, I’m still fighting. Thank God I had my father, a strong black figure who I could look up to, that I knew understood and would stand by my side no matter what. Not all of us have that but we need to stand together with those who may not have that hero to lean on and protect them. We must unite! I have wondered why 2020 seemed so doomed from the start but I’m starting to believe that 2020 may just be the most important year of our lives, where we can finally start to change the systemic and social oppression of minorities. We just want to live, have the same chances at education, at life and not have to fear walking down the street, or going to school, or walking into a store whatever it may be. We deserve this as much as anyone. Equality is paramount to our future, we cannot stop fighting this fight✊🏾, I for one, will never give up! #blacklivesmatter #endracism #nevergiveup #wewinandwelosetogether

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