Technological Environment Business means the Development in the field of Technology which affects Business

In the strictest sense, the business process expert role should be technology-agnostic, never promoting technology for its own sake or favoring one form over another.

A business process expert should be able to help a company do better even in a situation in which no technology is brought to bear, simply by promoting the business process perspective.

But in the modern world of business, everything is intermediated and supported by technology.

A variety of methods are deployed in business

Discussions of the best practices for business processes quickly lead to the discussion of solutions that support those processes.

Technology plays an important role and the business process expert must be fluent in helping organizations find the right tools for the right job.

After all, not all technology for collaboration is created equal; some collaboration platforms work better than others to support working in teams.

Experience has shown that business process experts must be armed with technology and supporting capabilities to make the maximum contribution to their companies.

A variety of methods are deployed in